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Hi there! Welcome to my website!

For the best experience I recommend using Google Chrome and a powerful PC

Ok, so...

I really like computers!
Well in fact...

I enjoy computer programming and learning new programming languages in my free time.
I am specially experienced in...


(C#, F#, Windows Forms and ASP.NET MVC),

HTML5 / JavaScript,

...and some experience in Java, Python and Go.
But really, I can easily adapt to any framework, language or tool needed for the job at hand.

I also like videogames!
Hey, why don't you check out this quick game I made:

I am self-taught, and enjoy learning new stuff like...


Please check out my gallery!

I also like to work out, running and play the


And ..., I guess that's all for now!

I hope you enjoyed knowing more about me!

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